PBR (Pabst Blue Ribbon) Mansion (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)


After I left the Harley Davidson Museum, I still had some time to see what else Milwaukee had to offer. Fortunatly, 6 minutes away was the PBR Mansion so off I went for new ventures.

The mansion is over 20,000 suare feet, 3 stories, and most is still in original condition with a few minor areas that needed upkeep over the years.

The guided tour look a little over an hour to get through, and our tour guide gave all of us very detailed infornation on the history of the building. Most of the paintings are original, most furniture is original, and the wall paper is mostly original but had to recently have stencil artist fix some areas.

What I thought was interesting that no one knew until our guide pointed it out, is that all of the corner stairway posts had hop structures on the tops.

For $12.00, this is defently a stop to come see if in the area for the beer enthusiast, and the history fans that enjoy these types of places.

I will either be heading to Madison, Wisconsin next to do a brewery touring, or back to Milwaukee to tour the Miller distillery, then brewery hopping. I guess we will see what happens. Have a great day everyone.

Harley Davidson Museum (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)


Hello everyone, hope your weekend is going great! Today I decided to take a drive out to Milwaukee, Wisconsin to check out the Harley Davidson Museum, and it was well worth the $20.00 getting in. I knew that this museum was big, but I wasnt guessing 3 stories big. The picture above became the cover picture for this blog because this was the very first Harley Davidson made in 1903. Serial number is 1.

Right when I parked the truck, there was a line of harleys that at first I thought were the riders visiting, but turns out it was a rental area. Heading towards the entrance of the museum you come across a large gift shop and a bar/resturant (went to both). Other things they had was areas you can get your pictures taken on a bike, and ride on a stationary harley to get the feel of the brand new bikes out.

Once in the museum, you start out with the earliest bikes and work your way up to todays models. It was amazing of how much use these bikes got for other purposes.

Does anyone know what movie this replica chopper is from? Yes Easyrider. Unfortunately they couldnt have the original, so they made a replica from the movie.


There was a few bizarre ones that some were interesting, and others were just plain weird.

There was such a huge variety of bikes here, that you could pretty much find any specific bike that you may be looking for

They had an area that had all of the motors made, and this little game thing that you listen to the sounds of diffrent engines, and you have to guess what engine it is by a selection of answers. In the engineering section, you can build your own bike on a computer that was pretty interesting.

When you get to the third floor, you are in the archives area where all of there bikes are stored, and restored.

In the Military department you will find some old bikes from both world wars.

Had a blast at this museum, and defently recommend anyone in the area to come check it out. For a $20.00 admission, you cant find anything with a Harley Davidson logo for this cheap.

Take care everyone, and we will see you at the PBR Mansion, yes Pabst Blue Ribbon beer.

RV/Motorhome Hall of Fame (Elkhart, Indiana)


Hello everyone and welcome to the RV/motorhome Hall of Fame in Elkhart, Indiana.

For those of you that dont know, I am no longer in Michigan due to non agreement issues with the camp I was hosting, now we are in Ft. Atkinson, Wisconsin.

As I was making my trip to Wisconsin, I was struggling to find boondocking locations to stay overnight, but soon came across the RV/Motorhome Hall of Fame that allowed free boondocking. What a gold mine!


Later that night the place got packed due to having prom night at the exbo center exactly next door. It was loud until midnight, but got to see the firework show they had going which turned out to be a pretty good show.

The next morning, I patiently waited until 9am for the museum to open up (which of course I was the first one in the doors) to see what all of the hype was on this place and boy, it is the place to see if your in the area! Yes, just like Cadillac Ranch on Route 66 there is an Air Stream Ranch (Need to put that on the list of things to see).

The museum is 2 stories high with the top floor mainly a large library of all of the classics. On the first floor you will find a gift shop, a theatre, and you will start out at the new RV’s and slowly make your way to the classics. Some of these classics are the rarest you will find as old as 100 years, still original. Some are 1 of a kind or the very last ones atill around.

This Airstream is the smallest Airstream in the world, and was the only one ever made sitting at 10′ in lenght.

Some of the very first motorhomes built.

I gotta love the vintage trailers. These are the newer models out now. Below shows the process that is done to build trailers and motorhomes.

Well, thanks for reading, and I hope everyone enjoyed the pictures. We will see everyone in Wisconsin to learn about the new camp Im working at, and we will be taking a road trip to Milwaukee, Wisconsin to check out the main Harley Davidson Museum in the world. Have an awsome day everyone.

NASA Rocket and Space Center (Huntsville, Alabama)


Good morning everyone! I was having issues posting to my blog, but now everything is working good.

Last Sunday at 6pm I recieved a call from KOA asking me if I would be interested in running another camp in Michigan so I accepted the position but still had 1 more place to see in Alabama before I left… Yes, you guessed it! I spent the next day at the NASA Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama.

This place was about 3 times bigger then I thought, and for only $25.00, you can spend a good 4 hours just checking out the main exibits. There are also diffrent tours, and 4 diffrent I-Max theatres for an extra cost.

When you go into the main entrance, you will have this main lobby area that have plenty exibits to see, and my favorite, plenty of buttons to push. This is where you can get a bite to eat at the cafe, operate a computer generated rover, take a tour at the underwater exibit, or get in the seat as a space station controller.

They had an upstairs area in the main complex that you can find Alabama’s first Aviator.


Once you head over to the Mars complex, you will be greated by a huge hanging space ship, diffrent rockets, and other misc. exibits.

Outside around the whole complex you will find multiple rockets, military stuff, and simulator rides to spend a good hour checking out.

If you ever wondered if astronauts drink soda in space… Well, here you go. The picture on the left is the soda machine, middle of course is there can, and on the right is the nozzle. It looks pretty complex just to have a soda.

One of the new exibits is the military complex that show some of the futures drones, rockets, and soldier gear that is currently in the works as we speak.

This green screen is set up to feel like a weather man and to di a weather report as if you were on Television. I watched one guy do it and stayed behind the cameras.


Some more aircrafts and a spaceship by the main entrance. These spaceships look so much bigger in real life. This A-12 Oxcart only made 15 of these planes with only 7 left that are still around.


If your ever in the Huntsville area, defently take a trip to the space and rocket center. We will see you guys in Michigan. Have a great day everyone!

Dirt Track Racing (Danville, Alabama)


The smell of racing fuel, mud in the mouth with chills going down your back… This is what a friday night out in Alabama is all about.

A guy from work (Eric) and I decided to take a night out to head over to Danville, Alabama to see the dirt track races. If your not familiar with Alabama, this is a racers dream state. When you come out here there are dirt tracks, and drag racing tracks all over the state with multiple NASCAR tracks within driving distance. Since Eric’s cousin was racing that night we got to head down in the pits to meet alot of drivers, and get up close and personal with the race cars.

Had a blast last Friday and you will know where to find me this Friday! Have a great day everyone.



Boondocking Washer & Dryer


Hello everyone! Just wanted to go over a new boondocking device that will save you time and money… The hand crank washer and dryer.

Some of you know that I had my old off grid washer/spin dryer that did its purpose until the machine quit working. Once this happened, I started researching something smaller, and didnt have to run on power. After multiple reviews on diffrent products I ended up finding the ecowash. There are multiple benefits I found with this unit that fit more of what I was looking for in a unit:

  1. The unit doesnt require a power source which means that is less ‘stuff’ that can go wrong. Just crank it 50 times with your water and detergent, let set for 2 minutes, then crank another 50 times and bam, your clothes are washed. The spin dryer is the same but is 100 cranks only.
  2. Uses have the water as my last unit but will still hold a 5 pound load. If your just getting started into the boondocking lifestyle, you will quickly realize that water is the most important thing to have.
  3. With its suction cup legs, and 360 rotation, you can put these units on the wall to do your laundry, and have that extra floor space.
  4. Less time is needed to have a load washed and dried. You can see how much product goes into a load in the picture below by how much weight you will have. This spin dryer will get your clothes between 90 to 95 percent dry, then hang them in the sun or over the fire to dry the rest.
  5. The washer comes with a drain hose to drain the water out after each load. The best thing to do with this water is store it in another container, to use for flushing the toilet. That way you have saved that much more water to last a little longer before you need to refill


The whole goal in boondocking is to be away, and live off of your supplies for as long as possible. It does take research and a little upfront cost at first, but could save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in the long run.

Thanks again everyone and have a great day!


The Breakup of the Rat Pack

Hello everyone! Well, some of you know, and some dont, but Brandy and I have split up to take diffrent paths.

This post isnt about poor Brandy, poor kids, or poor Jason. This is directed towards the future RVers with families or couples that havent yet started fulltimeing, but are looking to pursue the adventure.

The best advice I can give is make sure everyone is 100% on board, and triple check that your on board. Instead of looking at only the good things about fulltiming, look at the negative also. Both, as a couple need to research everything together, not just one person.

This lifestyle has its challenges, just like everyday life but the challenges are diffrent. This isnt for everyone, and if your both not fully 100% on board, that this is what you have always wanted to do, then things may take a turn down the road. I dont want to scare people out of doing this because there are plenty of families and couples that have been doing this for years and are still happy. Im just trying to make a point that it isnt for everyone, and as your significant other may say “ya, I want to do this” they may be just saying this to make you happy. If one partner is not 100% on board, you may need to review your decisions on what is most important.

On a better note, meet the new member of the pack “Drifter” He was a stray that I picked up a few days ago to join Calypso and I on our wild adventures.

Take care everyone and have a great day!


First Documented Town In Alabama (Moorseville, Alabama)


Welcome to Moorseville, Alabama, the first documented town in the state of Alabama. This is another town that should be on everyones to see list if in the area.

Located just East of Decatur,Alabama, this is a stop right off the freeway heading into Huntsville, Alabama. The town is set in its own little community that you will find 19th century fencing surrounding the neighborhood.

In the middle of town is where the main history is, that talk about the old tavern (unfortunatly isnt in operations anymore) to the oldest still operational post office in the state, to there first church that hasnt been in operation for many years.

Once you visit the old buildings, take a stroll in the neighborhood to see all of the 19th century house that are still standing today. These houses range from large 19th century victorian mansions to little cottages that takes you think you just landed in a fairytale.

While taking your stoll, you will find the still operational church (Moorseville Church of Christ) that was established in 1854. Its truly amazing on the history on this part of the country.

If checking this town out for commercial photography, you will be required to purchase a permit to take photos.

I hope you enjoyed this blog and we will see you soon!

Old Historic Decatur, Alabama


Hope everyone is having an awesome day today!

I woke up this morning to a warm sunny day, and decided to take a trip to the old historic part of Decatur, Alabama. We have been through there, but have never really experienced of what this town had to offer. Those of you that know me, or have been following us for awhile know that I love the history of these older towns.

I started my adventures off to see the old historic bank built in 1833 which is probably the biggest attraction for the histiric part of this town. Unfortunately the doors were locked to see inside, but I was happy enough to see what the outside had to offer. Below is a brief history on the bank with a couple of pictures.


After the bank, I hit the road on foot to see old downtown which felt like I went back in time. All of the buildings are the existing buildings from the 1800’s that are still standing today. I was surprised that with the storms out here that these wouldnt have been demolished yet. With the old alley ways, and good ol southern charm, you can find mostly antique shops, with a few taverns/bars (non were opened until 4pm) to old style barber shops. Deeper into town you will find the old Princess theatre where you can spend a night out watching a play.

After experiencing the town I decided to check out the historical neighborhoods surrounding the district. Most of the houses were built back in the 1800’s and most of them had signs outside of the houses that named the confederate soldiers that lived there during the fight of Decatur

Coming out of the neiborhood, I stopped by the amphitheater that sits on the same grounds as the bank. Below is a little information on that.

The First United Methodist Church shown below was the first methodist church established in Decatur built. One thing about the state of Alabama is that churches are big and on every corner.


Once I finished in the downtown district I headed off to see Delano Park that is still in the old district, but is far enough to drive instead of walk. One thing Ive noticed about parks in Decatur is that they are large, and very well maintained. You can find everything to a play structure, to a mini water park, to pristine baseball diamonds and tennis courts.


Across the street from the park is the Delano Park Rose Garden which was a spectacular place to visit. Unfortunately, the roses havent bloomed yet, but was still worth checking out.


Decatur, Alabama is an amazing place to see. When out of the old town and in downtown Decatur, you will find everything you need ranging from grocery stores, to miniture golf. If your ever in the area, defently make it a stop to see some old history, and eat some good southern BBQ.

Have a great day everyone.

Where To Refill Propane


I wanted to give a little information on where to get your propane refilled for the cheapest and the best part of it, is that this place is all over the country and well known. Go to U-Haul for your next fillup. Since being on the road, I have always went to gas stations to have my tanks refilled until someone told me about U-Haul having the cheapest propane refills. After doing some research online, I decided to try my luck on a refill at U-Haul and found that there is a huge savings. Before, I would go to a gas station that did refills or actual gas companies which cost me close to $20.00 to refill a 20 pound tank. U-Haul charged for the same tank $11.68. That saved me about $8.00 on a 20 pounder. Wanna know how to get even more off? If you register with U-Haul they will send you coupons for even more savings.

Being a fulltime RVer, it is extremely important to research deals, best prices, and anyway to save a buck or two. Even when your camping for free, fuel becomes a major expense in your trips that becomes a nusense after awhile.

So lets look at what we will be running in propane in the near future:

2- 20 pound tanks (about $16.00 in.           savings

2- 30 pound tanks (about $24.00 in           savings)

1 -60 pound tank (about $24.00 in savings)

Thats about $64.00 saved in propane refill.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this little blog on ways of saving for your next fill up, and we will see you soon.