Dreaming vs Reality

I remember 6 months ago when I just knew that when I hit that open road, I would feel the freedom and would be the happiest person alive. That’s how it is in the movies right? At 3 weeks until we leave I’m nervous, wondering if I’m making the right decision, scared of the unknown. These are the real feelings that come with the introduction to the nomadic life style. We never hear about the process of getting to that point, but more of either this is roses and rainbows, or its the worst decision made. If one wants change, they have to step out of the comfort zone to get it. I do believe that this is the best decision I’ve made for myself and family, and know that we will have obstacles along the way. Fearing the unknown is less scary to us then living a life doing the same thing everyday until the end.

We would love to hear from the fulltimers on their experiences of leaving the sticks and bricks to live in an RV.


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