Jelly Belly Factory Tour – Fairfield, Ca

All of us woke up this morning from the Flag Stop RV Resort in Lodi, California with a sweet tooth, so we decided to take a little road trip out to Fairfield, California to visit the Jelly Belly candy factory to see how the jelly beans are made and to see the different flavors that you never here about.
The factory was very large with multiple gift shops, free Jelly Belly samples, free chocolate samples, and they even had a full cafeteria. The tour was amazing and very informative of the process on how the jelly beans are made. I have never seen so many Jelly Bellies in my life. They produce about 120 bags every 5min. or so.
Now for the new flavors we had. Well, of course my first sample was a beer Jelly Belly. Yes, it did taste like beer, but they made it to where non beer drinkers could enjoy it also. Wasn’t my favorite but it was ok. We head over to another free sample area and out of over 100 different Jelly Belly samples, I end up choosing Tabasco sauce, canned dog food, and skunk spray… I should of had something to drink first with me because there wasn’t a water fountain in site after that. Another new package that we saw that are being made now are Crispy Kreme donut Jelly Bellies.
We spent a good few hours there, bought a bag is Jelly Bellies, ate some free samples of Jelly Bellies, and chocolate then decided to keep moving until we ended up arriving in San Francisco. We went over the golden gate bridge to check out the Golden Gate park but had problems finding the main park so we headed back over the bridge and stopped off at the view point to take pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz. Luckily is was a clear day out so we had no problems getting pictures of Alcatraz. One thing I learned about San Francisco is that I am so glad that I wasn’t hauling my 35′ fifth wheel there, and that San Francisco isn’t dully happy there with the skinny highways. Over all, we had a great time today, stayed busy all day, got to see new things, and I can drive a dually there, even if I have white knuckles gripping the steering wheel.
We will have 2 separate videos on our trips today but only one will be up today, and hopefully I will have another short one done tomorrow.
No matter how scary it may seem, it will never be as bad as it seems. Life is to short to live a life your not happy with. Live how you want, and not how people think you should live.

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Have you ever wanted to chase your dreams but couldn't manage to get your foot out of the door to do it, due to money, or fear of the unknown? We decided to take a gamble at it by selling everything, buying a truck and trailer, and figuring out how we are going to manage having a family of 5 with a cat and dog fit in a trailer full time while we travel the country. We hope you will follow us along on our journey.

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