Lake Havasu, Arizona (London Bridge)





Yes, that’s right, we went and saw the London Bridge in the Arizona desert. The bridge was built in the 1830’s to span across the River Thames in London. In 1967, the bridge was dismantled and sent to Arizona for reconstruction to where it stands to this day. Some of you know that I love history so this was a really neat sight to see.

Under the bridge was a little European looking village that had everything from boat rentals to take out on the canal going into Lake Havasu, to the biggest candle Shoppe in the world. Along the canal, you had swimming areas, a nice dog park, trails along the canal, 2 play sets, volleyball, basketball, gift shops and bars/restaurants.

When on top of the bridge, you will see at one end of the bridge a lot of padlocks from different people over the years. Its pretty neat seeing oddities like this as we continue to travel. We will be back here before we leave to see the hot air balloon show, and possibly just to spend another day hanging out.

Lake Havasu was a wonderful place to see with plenty of history, places to see, and things to do. If you are ever in the area, this is a stop that you don’t want to pass up on your travels.

Have a Happy New Year’s


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