Desert Bar & Nellie E Saloon (Outside of Parker Az.)

Well… we made it to the desert bar & saloon. For those of you that haven’t heard about this place here is a little background on the place:

The original name is Nellie E Saloon which use to be an old copper mine camp that a guy names “Ken” (sorry, cant find the last name) bought in the mid 70’s and slowly transferred into the “Desert Bar & Nellie E Saloon.

This place is a must see place if your in the area… but do understand that you will love the uniqueness of the place and think “I’m glad I saw this place” or your going to be ” Broke my axle, blew my tires, and had a 10 trek to the nearest highway.” From Parker Arizona, you will have about 5 miles in the desert out towards the Parker Dam, then another rough 10 miles give or take on roads that are meant for ATV use. The road is rough and gets rougher the closer you get.

I took 2 of the kids out there today and saw multiple vehicles coming back right after opening. Come to find out these people decided not to risk it as the road became rougher to drive on. I just about turned around due to the last thing I need is my wife pissed off that I broke the truck to go to a Saloon. (Sorry guys, the ladies frown on that). Once I was about to turn around we saw the saloon around the corner.

If your not a country western music fan (Jonny Cash, or Hank Williams) then this place isn’t for you. With live bands when opened singing country western music, best burgers(1/2pound patties min.) and dogs (1/4 pound hot dogs), and all of the unique things to see in this saloon in the middle of nowhere, this is definitely a gold mine and what I’ve learned today a bucket list for some. Kids are welcome here for the full timers and snow birds that follow us with families, just keep a close eye on them because this place gets packed which brings me to the hours of operations, and when they are open during the year to why it gets so packed:

Months of Operations: October – April

Days of Operations: Saturday & Sunday

Hours of Operations: 12pm – 6pm

THIS IS CASH ONLY! Do not bring a card or you will be making the trip back to camp or a bank to get cash.

For those of you that decide to make the trip out here… Good luck, and stay safe. Like I mentioned earlier, if you don’t have an ATV of 4×4 I wouldn’t recommend the trip. It gets rough, and there is no cell reception at all. There are plenty of boon docking spots on this road, with plenty of ATV riding (jeeps, trucks, quads, dirt bikes, side by sides, you name it, you can do it) and for the gun lovers, plenty of areas to go shooting.

Have a great night everyone, and keep away from the flu going around… Its a nasty one. I will be starting to do reviews on places that we have stayed at since I know some of you are fulltime RVers, some getting ready to make the transition, and others still curious about the life style. We will be out of here on the 18th back on the road to Quartszite, AZ next then we are taking HWY 10 or HWY 40 towards New Mexico. We haven’t determined which route we will take so if you have traveled these HWYs would love feedback.



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