Boon docking (Quartzsite, Arizona)


Boon docking is an experience like no other! We have spent the last few days in Quartzsite, Arizona boon docking at the High Jolly BLM camp. As some of you know, most the land around here is free camping for a max. of 14 days, then you need to travel so many miles to a different area with a max of 14 days with a 28 day time frame in between. Yes it is free camping, but you have no hook ups, maybe phone and internet if your lucky, and you will need to bring your own water source to get by on… Basically, you are on your own. Water out here is very cheap (well water for the tanks are $0.05 per gallon, and drinking water is $0.25 per gallon or 5 gallons for $1.00) For a fee, there are plenty of places to dump your waste in the area that will range from $5.00 to $20.00. We ended up stocking up on paper plates, bowls, cups and plastic silverware to avoid using water for dishes. We have 1 2.5 gallon water container, 7 1 gallon water containers, and a 7 gallon water container that we use for our drinking water, coffee, and juices, our main tank is used for sewage only, with showers at truck stops, or state parks. Showers will either be cheap or cost you an arm and leg. We have seen showers as low as $0.25 for every few min. all the way up to $10.00 for a 30 min. shower. If you are by yourself, to save water and money, the best thing to do is shower with a bucket in the shower in your RV to collect the grey water to re use for your toilet. this will save money, and water. If you have a family like us… be prepared to pay a few bucks for showers out here. The cheapest showers are at the Laundry mat which are $8.00 per shower.

Now for the solar… We are glad we have it, but are very happy with having a 3800 watt generator as a back up. Our 500 watt system will power all of the lights, 2 TVs, our fridge, a game system, and the water pump until the unit over loads. Right now, we are not getting propane flowing to our fridge so we have to have 100% electrical power which has the generator running a lot more then we are wanting. The solar will last so long for the day but we need to monitor our system to make sure we have enough energy to run for the night. Until we can get this fixed, we will be forking out fuel for the generator to keep our fridge going… Its all part of the show when you decide to go on your own. You just have to suck it up, find the problem, and fix it.

We mainly came out here for the big Gem and RV show that happens every winter around this time and if you haven’t been to the show yet, make this a must see on your travels. We spent 2 days there, and still didn’t see the whole place. Expect to spend 2.5 to 3 days here to see the whole show. The place is huge and has everything from new RV’s to workamping positions that are hiring right then and there. We talked to all of the workamping companies there but are already set up for Alabama this year. If you are looking for positions opened, send me an email and I will send you the info of places looking for workampers.

We will be leaving tomorrow (1/22/18) and heading off to Yuma Arizona for a night, then off to East of Tucson, Arizona for some more Boon Docking. Have a great night and if you are or going to be in the area in Yuma, come on down to hang out. Not sure where we will be in Yuma, but if you know of some good areas, please do let us know. We use to schedule everything until we hit the road… now we just take it day by day with no real place planned to see or go to.



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Have you ever wanted to chase your dreams but couldn't manage to get your foot out of the door to do it, due to money, or fear of the unknown? We decided to take a gamble at it by selling everything, buying a truck and trailer, and figuring out how we are going to manage having a family of 5 with a cat and dog fit in a trailer full time while we travel the country. We hope you will follow us along on our journey.

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