A Typical Day Workamping


I have encountered many questions on what workamping is like, what does a typical day look like, do I need experience and so forth. Workamping is not just camphosting, it is any type of work performed mobily. This can be anything from a mobile mechanic to a white water rafting guide. Pay may vary from free site and full hookup, to cash only, to all of the above. We only choose all of the above since we are not retired. One thing Ive noticed diffrent from this life style compared to the so called ‘normal’ life style is that companies are finding you for jobs instead of you searching for jobs. This is a huge benefit because you are pretty much guaranteed work so being picky is an option. The reason for this is because there are more of these jobs to be filled then there are fulltimers.

I wanted to give a little insight of a typical day working at a campground is like for entry level no experienced position.

After my morning coffee I walk about 60ft to work to get my time in, and get the day started.


The first task that needs to be done in the mornings is a rundown of who is occuping the park sites. Different parks may do things a bit diffrent then here but basically all is done is taking a cruise in the golf cart, marking down who is here and who isnt by the site numbers listed as occupied spots. Sometimes you may get night registrations that come in that wont be registered so notes shall be taken on this. When someonr is on site, we will write “O” for occupied or “V” for vacant. Thats about it for that.

0408180813Once Ive checked all of the sites to see who is here, I will perform site clean ups for the arrivals and departures which is done by checklists.

The bathhouse clean up. Yes it isnt fun but its something that needs cleaned daily. We have checklists we go by on the bath houses and are only marked if something beeds done. These are all entry level jobs starting out in this industry but you can quickly move upto management if you do good work.

Here is where the ugly part may come up if you have sites that arnt full hookup. We call this the Honey Bucket and trust me, there isnt honey in the bucket. At this campground, we have pumpout services twice a week.


Once Im done with the daily tasks I will check maintance orders which may include fixing power boxes, broken items, yard work, gutter cleaning and basically what ever is on the list of things to do. Generally at parks monthlys will be charged electricity so once a month i will check meters also to see what is owed.

Finally, at the end of the day, kick back and just relax.


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