Where To Refill Propane


I wanted to give a little information on where to get your propane refilled for the cheapest and the best part of it, is that this place is all over the country and well known. Go to U-Haul for your next fillup. Since being on the road, I have always went to gas stations to have my tanks refilled until someone told me about U-Haul having the cheapest propane refills. After doing some research online, I decided to try my luck on a refill at U-Haul and found that there is a huge savings. Before, I would go to a gas station that did refills or actual gas companies which cost me close to $20.00 to refill a 20 pound tank. U-Haul charged for the same tank $11.68. That saved me about $8.00 on a 20 pounder. Wanna know how to get even more off? If you register with U-Haul they will send you coupons for even more savings.

Being a fulltime RVer, it is extremely important to research deals, best prices, and anyway to save a buck or two. Even when your camping for free, fuel becomes a major expense in your trips that becomes a nusense after awhile.

So lets look at what we will be running in propane in the near future:

2- 20 pound tanks (about $16.00 in.           savings

2- 30 pound tanks (about $24.00 in           savings)

1 -60 pound tank (about $24.00 in savings)

Thats about $64.00 saved in propane refill.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this little blog on ways of saving for your next fill up, and we will see you soon.

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