Old Historic Decatur, Alabama


Hope everyone is having an awesome day today!

I woke up this morning to a warm sunny day, and decided to take a trip to the old historic part of Decatur, Alabama. We have been through there, but have never really experienced of what this town had to offer. Those of you that know me, or have been following us for awhile know that I love the history of these older towns.

I started my adventures off to see the old historic bank built in 1833 which is probably the biggest attraction for the histiric part of this town. Unfortunately the doors were locked to see inside, but I was happy enough to see what the outside had to offer. Below is a brief history on the bank with a couple of pictures.


After the bank, I hit the road on foot to see old downtown which felt like I went back in time. All of the buildings are the existing buildings from the 1800’s that are still standing today. I was surprised that with the storms out here that these wouldnt have been demolished yet. With the old alley ways, and good ol southern charm, you can find mostly antique shops, with a few taverns/bars (non were opened until 4pm) to old style barber shops. Deeper into town you will find the old Princess theatre where you can spend a night out watching a play.

After experiencing the town I decided to check out the historical neighborhoods surrounding the district. Most of the houses were built back in the 1800’s and most of them had signs outside of the houses that named the confederate soldiers that lived there during the fight of Decatur

Coming out of the neiborhood, I stopped by the amphitheater that sits on the same grounds as the bank. Below is a little information on that.

The First United Methodist Church shown below was the first methodist church established in Decatur built. One thing about the state of Alabama is that churches are big and on every corner.


Once I finished in the downtown district I headed off to see Delano Park that is still in the old district, but is far enough to drive instead of walk. One thing Ive noticed about parks in Decatur is that they are large, and very well maintained. You can find everything to a play structure, to a mini water park, to pristine baseball diamonds and tennis courts.


Across the street from the park is the Delano Park Rose Garden which was a spectacular place to visit. Unfortunately, the roses havent bloomed yet, but was still worth checking out.


Decatur, Alabama is an amazing place to see. When out of the old town and in downtown Decatur, you will find everything you need ranging from grocery stores, to miniture golf. If your ever in the area, defently make it a stop to see some old history, and eat some good southern BBQ.

Have a great day everyone.

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