Boondocking Washer & Dryer


Hello everyone! Just wanted to go over a new boondocking device that will save you time and money… The hand crank washer and dryer.

Some of you know that I had my old off grid washer/spin dryer that did its purpose until the machine quit working. Once this happened, I started researching something smaller, and didnt have to run on power. After multiple reviews on diffrent products I ended up finding the ecowash. There are multiple benefits I found with this unit that fit more of what I was looking for in a unit:

  1. The unit doesnt require a power source which means that is less ‘stuff’ that can go wrong. Just crank it 50 times with your water and detergent, let set for 2 minutes, then crank another 50 times and bam, your clothes are washed. The spin dryer is the same but is 100 cranks only.
  2. Uses have the water as my last unit but will still hold a 5 pound load. If your just getting started into the boondocking lifestyle, you will quickly realize that water is the most important thing to have.
  3. With its suction cup legs, and 360 rotation, you can put these units on the wall to do your laundry, and have that extra floor space.
  4. Less time is needed to have a load washed and dried. You can see how much product goes into a load in the picture below by how much weight you will have. This spin dryer will get your clothes between 90 to 95 percent dry, then hang them in the sun or over the fire to dry the rest.
  5. The washer comes with a drain hose to drain the water out after each load. The best thing to do with this water is store it in another container, to use for flushing the toilet. That way you have saved that much more water to last a little longer before you need to refill


The whole goal in boondocking is to be away, and live off of your supplies for as long as possible. It does take research and a little upfront cost at first, but could save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in the long run.

Thanks again everyone and have a great day!


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