NASA Rocket and Space Center (Huntsville, Alabama)


Good morning everyone! I was having issues posting to my blog, but now everything is working good.

Last Sunday at 6pm I recieved a call from KOA asking me if I would be interested in running another camp in Michigan so I accepted the position but still had 1 more place to see in Alabama before I left… Yes, you guessed it! I spent the next day at the NASA Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama.

This place was about 3 times bigger then I thought, and for only $25.00, you can spend a good 4 hours just checking out the main exibits. There are also diffrent tours, and 4 diffrent I-Max theatres for an extra cost.

When you go into the main entrance, you will have this main lobby area that have plenty exibits to see, and my favorite, plenty of buttons to push. This is where you can get a bite to eat at the cafe, operate a computer generated rover, take a tour at the underwater exibit, or get in the seat as a space station controller.

They had an upstairs area in the main complex that you can find Alabama’s first Aviator.


Once you head over to the Mars complex, you will be greated by a huge hanging space ship, diffrent rockets, and other misc. exibits.

Outside around the whole complex you will find multiple rockets, military stuff, and simulator rides to spend a good hour checking out.

If you ever wondered if astronauts drink soda in space… Well, here you go. The picture on the left is the soda machine, middle of course is there can, and on the right is the nozzle. It looks pretty complex just to have a soda.

One of the new exibits is the military complex that show some of the futures drones, rockets, and soldier gear that is currently in the works as we speak.

This green screen is set up to feel like a weather man and to di a weather report as if you were on Television. I watched one guy do it and stayed behind the cameras.


Some more aircrafts and a spaceship by the main entrance. These spaceships look so much bigger in real life. This A-12 Oxcart only made 15 of these planes with only 7 left that are still around.


If your ever in the Huntsville area, defently take a trip to the space and rocket center. We will see you guys in Michigan. Have a great day everyone!

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