Harley Davidson Museum (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)


Hello everyone, hope your weekend is going great! Today I decided to take a drive out to Milwaukee, Wisconsin to check out the Harley Davidson Museum, and it was well worth the $20.00 getting in. I knew that this museum was big, but I wasnt guessing 3 stories big. The picture above became the cover picture for this blog because this was the very first Harley Davidson made in 1903. Serial number is 1.

Right when I parked the truck, there was a line of harleys that at first I thought were the riders visiting, but turns out it was a rental area. Heading towards the entrance of the museum you come across a large gift shop and a bar/resturant (went to both). Other things they had was areas you can get your pictures taken on a bike, and ride on a stationary harley to get the feel of the brand new bikes out.

Once in the museum, you start out with the earliest bikes and work your way up to todays models. It was amazing of how much use these bikes got for other purposes.

Does anyone know what movie this replica chopper is from? Yes Easyrider. Unfortunately they couldnt have the original, so they made a replica from the movie.


There was a few bizarre ones that some were interesting, and others were just plain weird.

There was such a huge variety of bikes here, that you could pretty much find any specific bike that you may be looking for

They had an area that had all of the motors made, and this little game thing that you listen to the sounds of diffrent engines, and you have to guess what engine it is by a selection of answers. In the engineering section, you can build your own bike on a computer that was pretty interesting.

When you get to the third floor, you are in the archives area where all of there bikes are stored, and restored.

In the Military department you will find some old bikes from both world wars.

Had a blast at this museum, and defently recommend anyone in the area to come check it out. For a $20.00 admission, you cant find anything with a Harley Davidson logo for this cheap.

Take care everyone, and we will see you at the PBR Mansion, yes Pabst Blue Ribbon beer.

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