Northern Illinois VS Southern Illinois


Good morning everyone!


Covering the state of Illinois has shown me how much the state atmosphere can change within a few hundred miles apart. Upstate Illinois seems to be city central due to Chicago and the suburbia lifestyle that takes up a good part of the northern state. As you travel farther south, the country side starts to appear as Wisconsin more with the landscape beauty’s of old barns and rolling hills. Coming into the St. Louis boarder area of Illinois, you start seeing more of the true south with the dense vegetation, southern accent, to the lifestyles of the southern living.


We ended up getting settled in at Waterloo, Illinois where Kitty’s cousin lives. Her cousin ended up getting us a spot at a park next door to her house where we were so lucky to get a bathroom and electric hook up right on a pond where I hear the bass fishing is good, and are always biting.


So this is Mr. Wilson that most on Facebook and friends at the Jellystone park remember. We decided to light him up here, and was well worth the wait. He will be missed but threw a good entertainment for the night.

My next post will be a little bit about Illinois’s Route 66 and some of the places we stopped at along the way. Have a good Monday everyone!

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