St. Louis (Missouri)


Missouri or Missoura? Depending On where your from, down to what part of the state your from is how you will pronounce it.

Welcome to St. Louis Missouri! We ended up spending a few days in Waterloo, Illinois to visit Kitty’s family members, and to knockout a bucket list item of seeing the St. Louis Arch.

One thing I’ve learned about being on the road, is that you never know what the next day will bring you.

On day 2 in Waterloo Illinois, we took off the Columbia, Missouri to attend a wedding ceremony, that you couldn’t ask of having any more of a southern charm setting. With the large tree, hay bail seats, and the tractor in the background, this was for sure a setting you could only see on T.V..

We were suppose to be hitting the road the next day to find a boondocking spot, but with more trouble with the lights, a blown 20/30 amp converter, and a generator that I’m still working on getting fixed, we had to stay another night before hitting the road again. These are some of the complications that happen when fulltiming that need to be planned for when they do happen.


If I’m the area, and love gifts and souvenirs, Ozarkland is a place worth stopping at. This gift shop is 2 stories that have everything imaginable to find.

We have a couple blogs in the works coming up for Missouri’s Route 66 and, camping in the Ozarks, and campground review of where we stayed.

Live free, have fun, and make every day as if it was your last.


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