Ozarks Lake (Missouri)


Welcome to the Ozarks!

I remember when the show came out on Netflix, and seeing the episode where the family had just arrived to the Ozarks standing on that cliff side, overlooking the lake that I had to add this of places to see.

Ozark Lake was everything I expected it to be, with the neat little towns that reminded me of the Pacific Northwest beaches to the odd exhibits to see along the way.


Getting out here to the Ozarks isn’t exactly a pleasant ride hauling a trailer, and be sure to fill up with fuel before you decide to make the trek into the hills. About 52 miles in hilly and sharp corner roads will have you second guessing your decision of getting out here if hauling a rig. Soon the signs start showing up of watching out for horse and buggy on the roads. Never knew the Omish community was out in Missouri! Soon we got back behind an Omish man on a buggy which wasn’t something expected on this trip, but was something worth the trip getting there.


We ended up finding a nice camp at Majestic Oaks Campground about 2 miles from Lake Ozark. With Passport America, expect to pay 17.00 per night, otherwise standard price is 34.00 a night. We decided to stay 2 nights there to beaver to spend a day touring the area to see what the lake had to offer on places to see. The camp is small with a pool, games, and hiking trails to keep you entertained on your past time when not seeing the local attractions offered in the area.

Overall, Lake of the Ozarks was a place definitely worth seeing, and would like to go back in the future sometime.

We will be covering Route 66 in Missouri for our next blog, covering major attractions we checked out along the way, a couple wineries in Missouri and Oklahoma that we boondocked at, Route 66 Kansas, Route 66 Oklahoma, and plenty more to come!

Have a great night everyone, and stay happy!



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Have you ever wanted to chase your dreams but couldn't manage to get your foot out of the door to do it, due to money, or fear of the unknown? We decided to take a gamble at it by selling everything, buying a truck and trailer, and figuring out how we are going to manage having a family of 5 with a cat and dog fit in a trailer full time while we travel the country. We hope you will follow us along on our journey.

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