Route 66 (Missouri)


Hello everyone! Been busy getting set up and started work this week, but have some more blogs on the way.

Welcome to Missouri’s Route 66! Out of the states covered so far on this amazing Hwy, Missouri seemed to have the most attractions to see. Wasn’t my favorite state so far on this hwy, but was well worth the stops.

Sometimes taking a wrong turn has the perks of seeing thing that you never knew about.

while we were on our way out of St. Louis we took a wrong turn on hwy. 66 trying to get back to Waterloo, Illinois. As we were looking for a turn around, we ended up passing the Pixar movie Cars characters just hanging out in the grass. Pretty neat seeing and glad we made the stop to get some pictures.


I made a mistake thinking that the second tallest rocking chair was in Illinois, but was actually in Missouri. Definitely a stop to make on your travels.

After checking out the enormous rocking chair, we went to the Fanning Outpost General Store on the same property to see what they had to offer. If your looking for Route 66 souvenirs, they will have it at the Fanning Outpost General Store. The owner of the store said that the store was shut down for awhile, but is now under new ownership and is full operations.

Once we got to the half way marker coming into Oklahoma, we headed up north to the Ozarks to spend a couple days at (last blog was about our trip in the Ozarks). We finally got back to 66, after our trip in the Ozarks, but saw that we had to back track 34 miles to see the famous Uranus Fudge Factory. Definitely worth the back tracking. Plenty of outdoor attractions, gifts and sweets in the factory, a cafe, museum, and enough antiques to keep you amused for awhile. Do stop by if passing by.

Our next blog is a small winery that we ended up boondocking for the night almost into Oklahoma. Have a great weekend everyone and stay happy.

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