Route 66 (Kansas)


When traveling Route 66, make sure you don’t blink or you may miss the state of Kansas that this Hwy travels through!

When reading about attractions to see in Kansas, most of the reviews I read was the drive is only about 14 mins. in. Yes, this state was very short, but has been my favorite so far out of the states traveled on this Hwy due solely on luck of a stop we made.



As We came into Kansas, we knew that we had to find a spot where souvenirs, and gifts were sold before we got into Oklahoma. (Those that travel full time I’m sure know why these places are very important).

We ended up in Baxter Springs Kansas where we found a Route 66 Travel Center, so we decided to stop to see what they had in there. Place is set up like an old gas station and is hard to miss in Baxter Springs. We ended up buying a couple items, talked to the guy working there, and got our names marked on the board. We were guided to backtrack to Galena, Kansas to see where Radiator Springs was inspired from, with the real life Cars autographed by the inspirations behind each of the main characters.


Meet the man we were talking to in the Route 66 visitor center. Dean Walker.


Dean Walker’s old tow truck is on the far right, followed by Tow Mator. Talk about making a lucky stop to see!

Kansas was our favorite on this Hwy so far, but there is still more Hwy to see, and attractions to visit.

Have a great Monday everyone and we will see you in Oklahoma.


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