Cowboys of the Sky


When I quit working iron with the Pacific NW Ironworkers #29 to venture into new territories, I never felt any less brotherhood with other Ironworkers, and still today support them, and understand how dangerous the job can be. There’s a saying “Once an Ironworkers, always an Ironworker.” There is so much truth to be had in this.

Recently there was a collision that killed 2 Ironworkers out of local #29 and local #86 from a crane collapse. Both were far to young to leave this world. Below is a link For any donations that will be going to the Ironworkers families to help for their recent loss in this accident.

“The Ironworker’s Prayer”

“Monuments built by human hands, bridges, towers, and buildings, too by men who work for me and you.

Men with strong callused hands who toil all day upon our lands.

They work in weather dark and dreary, then day is done they come home weary.

They work in hottest heat of day, and earn every bit of their weekly pay.

They work in mud, sleet and snow.

And go where no others dare to go.

They work alone and with each other

And that is why they’re called “Brother”

They climb where angels fear to tread

They never look down in fear of dread.

So don’t wait until the bye and bye

To say a prayer for the one on high

For men on whom we all rely,

Bless the Ironworker in the sky.”


Author “unknown”


Travis Corbet Local #29

Andrew Yoder Local #86

Construction trades, brother hoods, nomads or who ever is put into risky situations, Stay safe out there brothers and sisters.


Ironworkers Supporting Ironworkers








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