Foster Park – San Angelo, Texas


Hello everyone! As some of you know I’ve been stuck in Roswell, New Mexico for going on the last 3 days but will get into more detail on that with the next blog I do.

Those of you that fulltime RV, and have been three Texas, know that kindling free camping can be damn near impossible. When you cut back to renting, this makes it 10 time worst finding an area that is decent.


After doing my research trying to find a camp, I finally found one in San Angelo, Texas that met everything plus some of what I was looking for to pull an overnighter on this new journey.

Foster park has 4 days of free camping, picnic table, and BBQ grill for each site. A beautiful pond to swim, fish or feed the ducks that will come right up to you searching for food. As of right now, campfires are ok since there has been so much rain this last season.

pros: free camping, beautiful scenery, not many campers during the work week but weekends I here gets pretty crowded

cons: close to a road that gets a good amount of traffic, closest anything is 10 miles away, bathrooms are in the day use area across the river with the only access of driving or walking across the bridge.

This was a real gem finding such a nice campground in a state that is hard to find free camping. If you have any questions about here, send me an email. Like I said earlier, my next post will be in Roswell, New Mexico that has put a little damper on things for the moment on vehicle issues.



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Have you ever wanted to chase your dreams but couldn't manage to get your foot out of the door to do it, due to money, or fear of the unknown? We decided to take a gamble at it by selling everything, buying a truck and trailer, and figuring out how we are going to manage having a family of 5 with a cat and dog fit in a trailer full time while we travel the country. We hope you will follow us along on our journey.

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