Minors Canyon (Saratoga Springs, Utah)


Sometimes free campgrounds can be an area that you don’t want to spend more then 1 night at due to traffic, garbage, bad area and so on… Other times free campgrounds can be a gold mine that you would expect to have to pay for to get in. Luckily, Minors Canyon on Lake Utah was a goldmine!

There were quite a few boondockers at this location, which did make it a bit of a pain to find a spot. Big rigs are required to park above, and down below to the lake you will have people fishing for the day, kids playing in the water, while others were there to just relax and catch some sun. If your tent camping, or driving a van or sprinter, you can get away with camping down at the lake.

There are multiple signs stating how far you can be on the BLM land until your trespassing on someone’s property, and where vehicles can, and can’t go.

Town is only 10 miles away, so it isn’t to bad to get groceries, or fuel if need be. Backwoods boondockers know that at times, you can be back in so far that it’s worth getting everything upfront before trekking in to your camp.

Overall this was a pretty nice camp, bit crowded, but that’s to be expected when your getting free camping with some amazing views, and water front within distance of town.

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