Get the big house, the fancy car, and the 9 to 5 job. This is the American dream (on how society views this). I had all of this, and threw it away to travel the country, to live the true American dream with my 2 dogs and myself. My name is Jason Sawyer, and I hope you follow along as we embark on this amazing adventure

Tired of living day to day doing the same thing, feeling as if life was just going by with no real purpose, I decided to sell everything, buy a truck and trailer to adventure America. I hope you follow us on our adventures, as we travel the states with no real place to go, and no timeline to go by. We will be showing pictures, videos and information of campgrounds that we stay at, places that we boondock, how I make my income, answer questions that some may have, and show the places that we see along the way. Come and follow us on our adventure!