OOVVDA Winery (Springfield, Missouri)


Hope everyone is having a good weekend!

So before I start this blog I wanted to mention that It looks like I was wrong about the Cars characters being on Route 66. Kitty did correct me on it. The good news, is that we did come across other Cars characters a couple blocks of of the Old 66 highway that we will be talking about in our next blog.

We ended up looking for a winery to boondock for the night with Harvesthost and found this small winery called OOVVDA Winery.


The place didn’t look like much from the outside until you head in and see what they had to offer. This winery did by far have the best red wines I’ve had so far since on the road checking out the wineries.


Once the host got us set up where to park, we had another arrival of a couple from California that was staying overnight. The host gave us a small tour in the back where he does all of his brewing.


Our host brought us in to the tasting room, asked us what types of wines we liked, then did free sampling’s of the different ones. I will just say, that if your into red wines, birthday cake, and strawberry are ones to check out.

The owner is Norwegian, and decided to build this business up as a Viking style theme, which made it very unique from the past wineries visited in the past.

We ended up buying a couple bottles, and headed outside to relax for the rest of the day. So far, I have been very impressed with the different wineries visited so far, that all have there differences of what I’ve enjoyed about them. I will list below the address and phone number to here if your in the area and with harvest host, looking to stop by for a quick stop, or are looking to buy online (some states won’t allow for online ordering).

Contact: Brian Overboe or Tatum
Address: 5448 N. Berry Lane, Springfield, MO 65803
Located: 8mi N of Springfield or 3mi n of I 44 Exit 80 off Hwy H. Parking is grass/dirt/gravel
Telephone: (417) 833-4896
Website: http://www.oovvda.com
GPS Coordinates: 37.294041 -93.269418
Hours: Daily noon to dark and by appointment.
More: Large selection of grape & fruit wines, croquet & bocci.

Have a great rest of the weekend everyone!




Route 66 (Missouri)


Hello everyone! Been busy getting set up and started work this week, but have some more blogs on the way.

Welcome to Missouri’s Route 66! Out of the states covered so far on this amazing Hwy, Missouri seemed to have the most attractions to see. Wasn’t my favorite state so far on this hwy, but was well worth the stops.

Sometimes taking a wrong turn has the perks of seeing thing that you never knew about.

while we were on our way out of St. Louis we took a wrong turn on hwy. 66 trying to get back to Waterloo, Illinois. As we were looking for a turn around, we ended up passing the Pixar movie Cars characters just hanging out in the grass. Pretty neat seeing and glad we made the stop to get some pictures.


I made a mistake thinking that the second tallest rocking chair was in Illinois, but was actually in Missouri. Definitely a stop to make on your travels.

After checking out the enormous rocking chair, we went to the Fanning Outpost General Store on the same property to see what they had to offer. If your looking for Route 66 souvenirs, they will have it at the Fanning Outpost General Store. The owner of the store said that the store was shut down for awhile, but is now under new ownership and is full operations.

Once we got to the half way marker coming into Oklahoma, we headed up north to the Ozarks to spend a couple days at (last blog was about our trip in the Ozarks). We finally got back to 66, after our trip in the Ozarks, but saw that we had to back track 34 miles to see the famous Uranus Fudge Factory. Definitely worth the back tracking. Plenty of outdoor attractions, gifts and sweets in the factory, a cafe, museum, and enough antiques to keep you amused for awhile. Do stop by if passing by.

Our next blog is a small winery that we ended up boondocking for the night almost into Oklahoma. Have a great weekend everyone and stay happy.

Ozarks Lake (Missouri)


Welcome to the Ozarks!

I remember when the show came out on Netflix, and seeing the episode where the family had just arrived to the Ozarks standing on that cliff side, overlooking the lake that I had to add this of places to see.

Ozark Lake was everything I expected it to be, with the neat little towns that reminded me of the Pacific Northwest beaches to the odd exhibits to see along the way.


Getting out here to the Ozarks isn’t exactly a pleasant ride hauling a trailer, and be sure to fill up with fuel before you decide to make the trek into the hills. About 52 miles in hilly and sharp corner roads will have you second guessing your decision of getting out here if hauling a rig. Soon the signs start showing up of watching out for horse and buggy on the roads. Never knew the Omish community was out in Missouri! Soon we got back behind an Omish man on a buggy which wasn’t something expected on this trip, but was something worth the trip getting there.


We ended up finding a nice camp at Majestic Oaks Campground about 2 miles from Lake Ozark. With Passport America, expect to pay 17.00 per night, otherwise standard price is 34.00 a night. We decided to stay 2 nights there to beaver to spend a day touring the area to see what the lake had to offer on places to see. The camp is small with a pool, games, and hiking trails to keep you entertained on your past time when not seeing the local attractions offered in the area.

Overall, Lake of the Ozarks was a place definitely worth seeing, and would like to go back in the future sometime.

We will be covering Route 66 in Missouri for our next blog, covering major attractions we checked out along the way, a couple wineries in Missouri and Oklahoma that we boondocked at, Route 66 Kansas, Route 66 Oklahoma, and plenty more to come!

Have a great night everyone, and stay happy!



St. Louis (Missouri)


Missouri or Missoura? Depending On where your from, down to what part of the state your from is how you will pronounce it.

Welcome to St. Louis Missouri! We ended up spending a few days in Waterloo, Illinois to visit Kitty’s family members, and to knockout a bucket list item of seeing the St. Louis Arch.

One thing I’ve learned about being on the road, is that you never know what the next day will bring you.

On day 2 in Waterloo Illinois, we took off the Columbia, Missouri to attend a wedding ceremony, that you couldn’t ask of having any more of a southern charm setting. With the large tree, hay bail seats, and the tractor in the background, this was for sure a setting you could only see on T.V..

We were suppose to be hitting the road the next day to find a boondocking spot, but with more trouble with the lights, a blown 20/30 amp converter, and a generator that I’m still working on getting fixed, we had to stay another night before hitting the road again. These are some of the complications that happen when fulltiming that need to be planned for when they do happen.


If I’m the area, and love gifts and souvenirs, Ozarkland is a place worth stopping at. This gift shop is 2 stories that have everything imaginable to find.

We have a couple blogs in the works coming up for Missouri’s Route 66 and, camping in the Ozarks, and campground review of where we stayed.

Live free, have fun, and make every day as if it was your last.


Route 66 (Illinois)



Good morning everyone!

Route 66 in Illinois was pretty exciting to check out. We drove the new Route 66 which is Hwy 55 now cutting off a little bit out of Chicago, then cut on to the original  Route 66 for awhile until the old hwy got to beat up to take my truck on. 3 major areas that we missed was the old maple syrup company that still make maple syrup the old traditional way due to being closed for the season, the giant Paul Bunnion statue, VW Rabbit Ranch, and the was tallest rocking chair in the world. If taking the new HWY this is one area that you want to focus on every tourist attraction exit to see what they have.






The first stop made on the old hwy was the tallest covered wagon in the world. This was the first spot that got us on the old 66 where the roads were still in good shape. We noticed a lot of Abraham Lincoln tourist spots in this area.




Down the old hwy we had to flip the rig around as we went past this little town that reminded us of Radiator Springs. Very small town with some a couple antique shops, a bar, a gift shop, and a Route 66 racing shop.




Route 66 is a hwy that can take you a whole day to travel just 20 miles with the different attractions and bizarre exhibits that just makes you want to stop to check out. If ever in the area, take in what this piece of history has to offer. Have a great day everyone!





Northern Illinois VS Southern Illinois


Good morning everyone!


Covering the state of Illinois has shown me how much the state atmosphere can change within a few hundred miles apart. Upstate Illinois seems to be city central due to Chicago and the suburbia lifestyle that takes up a good part of the northern state. As you travel farther south, the country side starts to appear as Wisconsin more with the landscape beauty’s of old barns and rolling hills. Coming into the St. Louis boarder area of Illinois, you start seeing more of the true south with the dense vegetation, southern accent, to the lifestyles of the southern living.


We ended up getting settled in at Waterloo, Illinois where Kitty’s cousin lives. Her cousin ended up getting us a spot at a park next door to her house where we were so lucky to get a bathroom and electric hook up right on a pond where I hear the bass fishing is good, and are always biting.


So this is Mr. Wilson that most on Facebook and friends at the Jellystone park remember. We decided to light him up here, and was well worth the wait. He will be missed but threw a good entertainment for the night.

My next post will be a little bit about Illinois’s Route 66 and some of the places we stopped at along the way. Have a good Monday everyone!

Pleasant Creek Campground (Oglesby, Illinois)


Hope everyone is having a great weekend! We ended up getting a late start on the road so unfortunately didn’t make it to the winery to boondock for the night at the winery but found another hidden gem that fit what we were looking for. When I say we, I don’t mean just the dogs and I. Some of you know, and some don’t, but I am currently seeing someone and her name is Kitty which is another full time RVer that wanted to take this trip along with her kids. Some blogs in the works as we continue on will have more about her, and her kids.


Day one was a bit rough with breaking the handle off my hitch, denting the other side of the bed of my truck, and a couple other minor damages from trees hitting the top of the trailer, but all you can do is continue to move on. It’s the bad parts of this lifestyle.

Pleasant Creek Campground was very beutiful, quiet, tucked back in the woods that made it a place worth checking out if in the area. Some downfalls are very steep hills… I almost didn’t get my rig up the first hill after putting my truck in 2 low, and was forced to drop it down to 1 low to make it up. There is power and water, but no sewage so be prepared. If your a passport America holder, you can look at staying here for 14.00 per night 28.00 per night if you don’t have a membership.

Our next blog will be on the country side of Southern Illinois, and how different Northern and Southern Illinois is. Take care everyone, and have a wonderful day!