Pleasant Creek Campground (Oglesby, Illinois)


Hope everyone is having a great weekend! We ended up getting a late start on the road so unfortunately didn’t make it to the winery to boondock for the night at the winery but found another hidden gem that fit what we were looking for. When I say we, I don’t mean just the dogs and I. Some of you know, and some don’t, but I am currently seeing someone and her name is Kitty which is another full time RVer that wanted to take this trip along with her kids. Some blogs in the works as we continue on will have more about her, and her kids.


Day one was a bit rough with breaking the handle off my hitch, denting the other side of the bed of my truck, and a couple other minor damages from trees hitting the top of the trailer, but all you can do is continue to move on. It’s the bad parts of this lifestyle.

Pleasant Creek Campground was very beutiful, quiet, tucked back in the woods that made it a place worth checking out if in the area. Some downfalls are very steep hills… I almost didn’t get my rig up the first hill after putting my truck in 2 low, and was forced to drop it down to 1 low to make it up. There is power and water, but no sewage so be prepared. If your a passport America holder, you can look at staying here for 14.00 per night 28.00 per night if you don’t have a membership.

Our next blog will be on the country side of Southern Illinois, and how different Northern and Southern Illinois is. Take care everyone, and have a wonderful day!

On the Road Again!

Canada Goose - Branta canadensis

Like the Canadian geese, it’s about time to head south for the winter. I will be back on the road in 5 days on my way to Austin, Texas for the winter. I will be taking a small break with campgrounds and will be exploring the farm life. At Austin Orchard farms just to switch things up a bit. States we will be covering will be Illinois, Missouri, and Oklahoma, but the best part about it, is it will be half of the old Route 66. I’m going to cover some new camps, and boondocking locations along the way, with some bizarre attractions that the old highway has.

Met some of the most amazing people out here at camp that you can only find at campgrounds it seems these days. The atmosphere here reminded me of Parker Arizona at the resort we stayed at for a month. Gonna miss everyone here, and will stay in contact as we continue to travel the country.

have a great day everyone and we will see you in Illinois on the old Route 66.

Life of Wisconsin


Wisconsin has been a blast so far with a couple more months left if the season before I start making my way back down South for the winter.

I havent had a whole lot of things going on lately besides working at the Ft Akinson Jellypark campground to get the money saved up for my next adventure. This is just the way the nomadic lifestyle is. You work long enough to experience places in the area, then save for fuel of where ever your next adventure takes you.

Wisconsin reminds me so much of back home in the Pacific Northwest, with the greenery, farmland, and breweries on every corner. When I drive out on some of these country roads, I get the feeling Im in a movie because the landscape out here makes you feel like something you would see in a movie. The people Ive met so far in this state have just been amazing to talk to, and are always willing to give you a hand when needed. Everynight, you will be welcomed with fireflies swarming the sky, and unfortunately alot of mosquitoes.

Weather here have days that feel like Oregon and Washington state but can quickly change making you feel like you just stepped foot in Miami in the middle of July due to the intense humidity. If your looking to make a trip here in the winter, be ready for 3 to 5 feet of snow on average and be below zero temperatures. (Snow fall usually starts around the end of October here).

If your into music, you can enjoy a trip to SummerFest in the summer that is the worlds biggest music festival with 11 concert halls and more vendors then the eye can see. Each concert hall has multiple cover bands that play everything from classical music to country western.

This has been my first time in this sstate, and highly recommend anyone that hasnt been here to plan a trip. With the Harley Davidson Museum, the Pabbs (PBR) Mansion, to the breweries, llandscapes, and summer festivals, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Have a good day everyone and stay safe.

The bad side of fulltimeing

Hello everyone, I owe everyone 2 recipes still and will get them. Things have been very busy with work and broken things. I wanted to do a post on the not so good side of fulltiming that we never hear about in different blogs. Just like problems in the ‘normal’ there will be problems in the RV life but are different issues that we deal with.

Your tow vehicle: its not a matter if something will go wrong but when it will go wrong. You will have vehicle issues no matter what, and if your like me, taking your vehicle to the mechanic shop everytime a problem happens will only keep you broke from doing the things you want to do, and defeats the purpose of living the freedom that we set for ourselves. I try to do as much as I can myself, and if I dont know it, Im on the web learning.

Your Rig: like your vehicle, things will break, and it will be up to you to learn to fix the issues. As you see in the trailer picture I hit the side of my deck since I had no spotter, and was at a 90 degree turn with no view in sight. Other issues are water pump has gone out, vent cover in bath ripped off, and little miscellaneous broken items.

When your low on funds: no one likes to be out of money. The difference for the ‘normal’ life and the nomad life is… Well, in the ‘normal’ life you may not beable to pay the car payment, the nomad life you might not have food or water. Life becomes a little more at stake of what your money is for to survive on.

Your on your own: yes this does have its good and bads. You do get the freedom of true independence, what when there is a good side, there is always a bad side. You are on your own. Decisions made need to be well thought of, and having a backup for everything is the only way to go. This is an area that all future possible nomads really need to ask themselves before making this leap. “Can I be self suffient enough to do this?”

This lifestyle isnt for everyone, and I wish more nomads out there blogging would not only show the good side of this lifestyle, but also the negative side. Things to take for granit (heat, food, water) become a gold living this lifestyle. Your consumption of food, water, and fuel need to be closely regulated when off grid because this could turn into a bad situation if decisions arnt made wisely.

Take care everyone and if you have questions, feel free to ask.

New Long Term Drycamp

Hello everyone, some of you know that Ive been working on getting a long term drycamp set up, and now I have it. This is a 40 acre piece of property within 10 miles from Holbrook. Below are the prices and general information on the site. You can get more details at listed under Nomadic Ruins campground. I am still in the process of getting a photographer to the site for more picture also.


35.01138, -110.00419 heres the gps coordinates


Area info:


Located less than 2 Miles from Historic Route 66 (Interstate 40), this 40-acre parcel is close to all that North Eastern Arizona has to offer.  This parcel is accessible via Ranchero Rd and Sheri Rd and is roughly 10 miles from the city of Holbrook as well as the Petrified Forest National park and Painted desert Indian Center; Desert exploration is right within reach. This property is also only 1.5 hours from Flagstaff and 2.5 hours from Grand Canyon National park.


Things to do in Navajo County include Skiing, Cross Country Skiing, snowmobiling as well as Fishing, Hiking, Hunting and countless trails for Off-Highway Exploration.



$5.00 per night

$110.00 per month

$330.00 for the season (4 months)

$660.00 for the year

Cowboy Breakfast Recipe

Hello once again everyone. Its about that time for another recipe for the fire

1 roll sausage Bacaon and ham can be added)

1/2 cup chopped onions

1 dozen eggs

1/4 cup milk

Salt and pepper

4-6 slices of Velveeta cheese

Cook sausage, bacon, ham and onions. Beat eggs and milk. Pour mixture over meats and onions. Cook in large skillet over open fire. Add salt and pepper to taste. Top with cheese.optional to add hashbrowpotatoes, mushrooms, and bell peppers.

Hope everyone has a good weekend and we will have some other blogs coming up with “The Lifestyle Working in a Campground” and “The Bad Side of Fulltime RVing”


Dutch Oven Breakfast

Hello everyone, I hope everyone is having a great weekend. Wanted to get you guys another great meal for those camp trips.

2 tbsp olive oil

2 cloves garlic

1 polish kielbasa sausage

2 onions sliced

4 potatoes boiled and chopped

1 tbsp diced green chilies

On hot coals, heat olive oil, add garlic. Stir twice and add sausage. Brown sausage both sides. Add onions, cook until tender. Add potatoes and chilies and simmer for 10 min.

Ita a quickquick, and simple recipe that will have you going for more. Take care everyone until next time.

Breakfast Memories Recipe

Hello, everyone. I havent put any off grid campfire recipes on any of my blogs, so from here on out, I will be posting 1 recipe each Saturday. These are intended for campfire cooking so would be good for those weekend campouts, or if fulltiming for the days you might be out boondocking to save your propane.



5-6 potatoes, cubed

1/2 small onion, chopped

1/4 cup green pepper, chopped

6-7 eggs

1/4 cup American or cheddar cheese.


2 Tbsp flour

Salt and pepper

1 glass of milk

Cook sausage over the fire. Remove sauage and add potatoeswith the grease from the sausauge. Add onions and green peppers. Cook until potatoes are tender. Add eggs and crumbled sausage. Add cheese until eggs are done.


Mix flour with salt and pepper in just enough grease to coat bottom of skillet. Add 1 glass of milk, stir constantly until gravy starts to thicken. Remove from fire and stir until desired consistency is obtained.

Have a great day everyone and send pictures when you make these recipes.

PBR (Pabst Blue Ribbon) Mansion (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)


After I left the Harley Davidson Museum, I still had some time to see what else Milwaukee had to offer. Fortunatly, 6 minutes away was the PBR Mansion so off I went for new ventures.

The mansion is over 20,000 suare feet, 3 stories, and most is still in original condition with a few minor areas that needed upkeep over the years.

The guided tour look a little over an hour to get through, and our tour guide gave all of us very detailed infornation on the history of the building. Most of the paintings are original, most furniture is original, and the wall paper is mostly original but had to recently have stencil artist fix some areas.

What I thought was interesting that no one knew until our guide pointed it out, is that all of the corner stairway posts had hop structures on the tops.

For $12.00, this is defently a stop to come see if in the area for the beer enthusiast, and the history fans that enjoy these types of places.

I will either be heading to Madison, Wisconsin next to do a brewery touring, or back to Milwaukee to tour the Miller distillery, then brewery hopping. I guess we will see what happens. Have a great day everyone.

Harley Davidson Museum (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)


Hello everyone, hope your weekend is going great! Today I decided to take a drive out to Milwaukee, Wisconsin to check out the Harley Davidson Museum, and it was well worth the $20.00 getting in. I knew that this museum was big, but I wasnt guessing 3 stories big. The picture above became the cover picture for this blog because this was the very first Harley Davidson made in 1903. Serial number is 1.

Right when I parked the truck, there was a line of harleys that at first I thought were the riders visiting, but turns out it was a rental area. Heading towards the entrance of the museum you come across a large gift shop and a bar/resturant (went to both). Other things they had was areas you can get your pictures taken on a bike, and ride on a stationary harley to get the feel of the brand new bikes out.

Once in the museum, you start out with the earliest bikes and work your way up to todays models. It was amazing of how much use these bikes got for other purposes.

Does anyone know what movie this replica chopper is from? Yes Easyrider. Unfortunately they couldnt have the original, so they made a replica from the movie.


There was a few bizarre ones that some were interesting, and others were just plain weird.

There was such a huge variety of bikes here, that you could pretty much find any specific bike that you may be looking for

They had an area that had all of the motors made, and this little game thing that you listen to the sounds of diffrent engines, and you have to guess what engine it is by a selection of answers. In the engineering section, you can build your own bike on a computer that was pretty interesting.

When you get to the third floor, you are in the archives area where all of there bikes are stored, and restored.

In the Military department you will find some old bikes from both world wars.

Had a blast at this museum, and defently recommend anyone in the area to come check it out. For a $20.00 admission, you cant find anything with a Harley Davidson logo for this cheap.

Take care everyone, and we will see you at the PBR Mansion, yes Pabst Blue Ribbon beer.